Excessive Hair Fall

A person normally, experiences hair fall of around 50-100 strands in a day. Excessive hair fall occurs when you lose more than 100 strands in a day. These numbers may show some latitude, so if you experience more strands falling than your usual fall, you should take notice. This happens because more hair follicles move in to “telogen” or the shedding phase.

You should try a hair pull test. Hold a handful of hair at the top of your hair and pull. If you see more than 5-10 strands in your palm, you have excessive hair fall.

Take the comb test

Know what your hair comb is telling you about your hair.

  • 0-5 STRANDS = No hair fall
  • 5-10 STRANDS = Hair fall within normal limits
  • ABOVE 10 = Hair fall needs treatment
Not satisfied with your result?
start the test again

Hair fall can’t always be identified easily. Take a small test and know whether you are heading towards hair fall.

Let’s start the test
Keep a plain white sheet on a table
Bend over the sheet so that the hair falls on the sheet
Comb left side of your partition 5 times
Comb right side of your partition 5 times
Repeat the steps for atleast 3 days and check the average no. of hair on the sheet

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