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Lack of protein, vitamin and iron as a reason for hair loss?

  • 14th Jan 2019
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Hair fall is a problem that plagues many as they frantically look for a solution. But hair fall is also natural, in fact, most women lose about 50-100 strands of hair per day. Anything above 100 strands falling out is not normal and it could indicate a problem of hair loss. Hold on, you have no reason to fret! This does not necessarily mean you’re going bald, but only that there might be some changes you have to make to your diet and lifestyle to control the problem.

We often overlook the importance of diet when it comes to hair loss whereas regulating our daily intake of proteins, iron, and vitamins can be the easiest way to control excessive hair fall. Our hair is made up of protein. The Hair follicle cells have a high turnover and active metabolism, requiring a good supply of nutrients and energy. A caloric deprivation or deficiency of several macro and micronutrients, such as proteins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and vitamins, can contribute to hair loss. Another important dietary supplement in the context of hair growth is iron. Even though it is often overlooked, the diminished availability of iron in the body may weaken the multiplication of the hair follicles restricting hair growth. It is believed that decreased iron bioavailability may impair the proliferation of the follicular matrix cells. Dividing cells require higher levels of ferritin (a universal intracellular protein that stores iron and releases it in a controlled fashion). An abnormal balance between cellular ferritin and free iron has been identified as a mechanism for abnormal hair growth.

Vitamin D is another such nutrient which boosts immunity, keeps bones strong, skin healthy, stimulates cell growth, and yes, also helps create new hair follicles. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in musculoskeletal health. Vitamin D can be obtained from a few food items like fatty fish, fish liver oil, egg yolk, and some mushrooms. We absorb vitamin D through sun exposure primarily, but it can also be taken through dietary supplements and a Vitamin D rich diet. A study revealed that women 18 to 45 years old who experienced alopecia or other types of hair loss had low levels of vitamin D. Deficiency of Vitamin C and Vitamin A in our diet can also be linked to decreased hair growth and alopecia.

Thus, an iron, vitamin, and protein-rich diet is the key to hair loss problems. But often this may not be enough. If one does not have enough time to perform this entire process, the Livon hair gain tonic is a great alternative. It has a three-way action on the affected hair follicles as it penetrates to the root of the hair follicle & clears up the debris around it, restores proper circulation of blood & nutrients to the hair follicles as well as prevents shrinking of the hair follicle & helps it grow in a healthy cycle. So don’t worry if you notice a few extra strands of hair on your comb or the floor. Take a good look at your diet and make some changes to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients needed for healthy hair growth. Also, keep track of external scalp and hair follicle health as well by using the Livon Hair Gain Tonic to say goodbye to hair fall and hello to beautiful, healthy, tresses.

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Livon Hair Gain Tonic helps fight premature hair loss.

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Livon Hair Gain Tonic helps fight premature hair loss.

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