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Listen what your hair follicles say about your mane!

  • 01st Mar 2018
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Unexplained hair problems are hard to deal with, but it does not always have to be. More often than not, our hair gives us pronounced signs of the coming loss before it turns into a perilous concern. Not only do we fail to identify these signs, we are even likely to jump to inferences without looking at the reasons & causes for the continuous loss of hair.

Nonetheless, the good part is, we are here to stamp out your worries. If you are encountering one or all signs of premature hair loss but not giving it enough thought, or that you are already a victim of premature hair loss but still waiting for the final bell to ring, take a quick scan with ‘The Treadmill Test’

Workout Your Worries With ‘The Treadmill Test’

If your scalp starts to show through your sweat-drenched hair, after hours of rigorous workout or running on the treadmill, it’s hair thinning – one of the four signs of premature hair loss!

Full, thick, & bouncy hair is associated with youth & vitality. Retreating hair can be lackluster and harder to style, and can even make the wearer appear more aged than they are. However, do not confuse ‘Thin Hair’ with ‘Fine Hair’ or vice versa. These are two separate conditions, and hold the equal potential to take a toll on your hair.

Thin Hair Vs. Fine Hair

We often confuse the terms ‘hair texture’ & ‘hair density’. Hair texture or one may call hair thickness, is often described using the terms like fine, medium and coarse. Hair density, on the other hand, is demarcated by the terms – thin, medium or thick.

Hair texture

Hair texture refers to the thickness/diameter of each individual strand and it can be fine, medium, or coarse. Having fine hair does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from hair thinning. You can vet if your hair strand in fine by doing a strand comparison. If your hair strand appears to be the same thickness as a sewing thread, then you have coarse hair. If it appears to be thinner than this or has ‘wispy’ characteristics, then you have a fine-haired mane. Having fine hair reflects that your hair follicles have smaller circumference, which makes it possible for other people to look through your mane.

Small Diameter = Fine Hair

Medium Diameter = Medium Hair

Large Diameter = Coarse Hair

There are chances that you might have a fine haired mane naturally. However, if you have observed a significant reduction in your strand diameter in recent times, it is essentially an earlier sign of male patterned baldness. Here, the hair strand starts to shrink in diameter and ultimately culminates into vellus hair, which makes it hard to see through the naked eyes from distance.

Hair Density

When you define the density of your hair, you are referring to the proximity of your hair follicles with each other. Usually referred to as having ‘full hair’ or ‘scanty hair’, depending on where one falls on the spectrum. Having thin, coarse hair is possible. Thin hair is not always tantamount to having fine hair, as these are two different things. Having thin hair implies that you have lesser hair follicles placed closely together, or have lesser hair follicles per square inch. If you have a thin-haired mane, you might have faced multiple situations where you tried covering bare portions of your scalp.

Less no. of hair per square inch = Thin Hair/ Low Density

Average hair density = Medium Hair

More hair per square inch = Thick Hair/ High Density

It stands to reason that those in the ‘thick’ category will have a fuller mane than those in the ‘medium’ & ‘thin’ category. It is possible to have this hair density distributed unevenly throughout the scalp as well. In most cases, people move from thick to medium and then to thin hair density over the span of their lives, owing to the function of follicles closing up for a variety of reasons.

When it comes to your hair, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” treatment. Watch out for your signs to ‘Stop the Loss’ & ‘Start the Gain’

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Livon Hair Gain Tonic helps fight premature hair loss.

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