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The Truth behind Biotin and Hair loss

  • 21st Mar 2018
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When it comes to hair nutrients or vitamins, millions of people are jumping on the Biotin bandwagon. Seemingly more and more evidence comes out in support of this “hair miracle pill,” but is it actually effective or just the hot new trend on the street? Let’s look at what this little vitamin can actually do?

What is Biotin?

Biotin is designated as B7 in the array of the B complex vitamins.(B-7) is a supplement used to prevent and treat biotin deficiency. The average adult consumes the necessary amount of biotin from their daily food intake, meaning few people actually need an extra, supplemental dose for the deficiency. So, the question really is, does taking extra aid hair loss?

There are plenty of natural foods which contain biotin in small amounts. Some of these are Bananas, Nuts, Eggs, Mushrooms, and Avocadoes. Raw foods contain more biotin than cooked foods.

What Does Biotin Do?

Biotin breaks down metabolites like Fats, Carbohydrates, and Amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins. Biotin has become a very popular hair loss remedy, as well, as it is a B-vitamin that encourages the use of energy and the synthesis of proteins in the body. Biotin is also important for creating Vitamin D with the help of Pantothenic acid  (another subset of the B-vitamin family).

Obviously, without biotin, there would be a decrease in protein synthesis, which would prevent the creation of keratin – what our hair is made of. On top of that, without biotin, our bodies can’t really make Vitamin D, which is vital for cancer and disease prevention. Luckily, we get most of the biotin we need from our food, so deficiencies are very rare. Despite that, people who hear about biotin benefits worry that they aren’t taking or consuming enough to have beautiful hair, and so they decide more is necessary, and look to supplements. Before you decide going down this route, though, let’s look at pros and cons of “Vitamin H.”

Side Effects and Benefits

Fatty acids and glucose are used as energy for our body, and biotin is needed for our bodies to properly absorb them. Only 25 micrograms are needed for this work which a supplement of 5 mg a day for just 15 days can provide adequately and handsomely. Keep in mind that biotin is only safe if it is taken in the right amounts and in a proper tablet. There is no recorded record of toxicity in biotin, but our bodies do not need very much.

Biotin benefits may include improved hair thickness, stronger hair, improved scalp health and less hair shedding, as the keratin in the hair holds hair in the follicle and prevents it from moving into early telogen.

There is a lack of clinical proof that only using biotin to improve hair growth works, as our bodies are often deficient in other vitamins and minerals as well. However, B Vitamins do help make amino acids, which in turn produce keratin, which is what our hair is made of.

The Final Word: Hair Growth or Hocus Pocus?

Biotin is a great supplement that can help reverse a B vitamin deficiency and there many of these pills that serve as supplements for women and men to help encourage healthy hair growth. But (and it’s a big but) there is actually little scientific evidence that it actually helps grow hair in humans and its use in hair loss may be at the most limited.

While there is not enough research to confirm that biotin alone can serve as a hair loss remedy, the fact that hair loss is often caused by nutritional deficiencies, especially of protein and Vitamin D places it in the group of valuable hair nutrients in out battle against the complex problem of hair loss.

Ref: Patel DP,Swink SMCastelo-Soccio L.

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