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Why Treating Hair Should Be Your ‘Resolution for 2018’

  • 05th Jan 2018
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The whole year goes in self-introspection, and by the time we spot the odds, it’s already the beginning of 2018. Yes, it’s that time of year – AGAIN. The time to start jotting down a long list of New Year resolutions, while some get accomplished, others don’t. If you’re losing your hair, and want to do something about it, why not put that on your to-do list too – what better time to make changes than a fresh new year?

Hope for Hair

Hair loss can be a difficult subject to confront. Losing one’s hair can be distressing, and some people put off seeking treatment due to embarrassment or hoping that the problem will go away on its own. Although hair loss has a reputation for being difficult, even impossible to treat, there are in fact a number of scientifically proven remedies available to counteract the symptoms. Even progressive conditions like Male Pattern Baldness can be controlled, with the help of the right treatment at the right time.

The key to retaining a full head of hair? Early prevention!

Hair loss is an expected part of aging, but that doesn’t mean you have to embrace baldness. The best way to prevent hair loss is early intervention, so watch out for thinning hair or falling strands.

Remember: the sooner you start, the sooner if it gets controlled. While it’s always judicious to visit a trichologist to accurately infer the cause & extent of your hair loss situation, here are the top five tips for you to conduct a hair loss scan yourself:

Top 4 tips to recognize hair loss:

  1. You lose more than 100 – 125 hair every day: Shedding hair is normal, but if you find more than 100 hair laying on the floor, or in your shower drain, on your towel, or in your brush every day, it is time for you to proactively prioritize your hair loss situation.
  2.  You can see the contour of your scalp in the rearview mirror: Check yourself out in the rearview mirror the next time you slide into the driver’s seat. If you are able to see the contour of your head through your hair, it’s because your line has begun to recede.
  3. You are trying every possible hairstyle, but all in vain: Have you tried a new hairstyle in hopes of achieving a fuller look? If you are continually struggling with styling your hair, then you probably have premature hair loss.  
  4. Your post-helmet and work-out moments expose your visible scalp: After talking off the helmet, or after rigorous work-out, if your scalp starts to show through your sweaty hair, it’s certain that you are a victim of hair thinning and are slowly inching towards premature hair loss.

Here are a few resolutions that will help improve hair health and decrease breakage in 2017 –

  • Vitamins are essential for healthy hair growth especially following vitamins and minerals are essential for not just hair, but for healthy skin and nails as well: Copper, Iron, Zinc, Biotin, Vitamins B6, B12, A, C, D, E, and Omega-3’s
  • While taking multi-vitamins daily is great, nothing beats the natural vitamins and nutrients we get from our diet. If you’re wondering how to patch your hair loss, then it’s a good idea to look inward, and focus on what you’re putting in your body. Try to make foods that are naturally high in vitamins and nutrients a staple in your diet, such as dark leafy greens, which are high in Iron, Copper, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E and avocados, which are high in Biotin and Copper.
  • Try not to over-style your hair. While you can find a blow dryer and flat iron straightener in all of our bathrooms, just remember that excessive heat can damage the hair, and you need to be extra mindful to not dry out the follicles.
  • You can also treat your hair to specifically tailored oils, such as coconut oil and castor oil.  Head massage with this good oils may benefit your hair and scalp by improving the blood circulation.

Make 2017 the year you finally said goodbye to hair loss. It’s time for a more confident and happy you!


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