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Nutrition Tips for Hair Growth

  • 27th Sep 2017
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Everyone knows that good nutrition is important in the prevention of hair loss and in stimulating the growth of new hair. While we often hear advice in the nature of:“You need more protein” or “Biotin in the form of vegetables is important!”, the true information on how to incorporate hair healthy foods in a practical manner in our diets is hard to come by.

1. Eat 5 almonds soaked in milk the previous night
2. Make a powder of almonds & walnuts. Eat 2 teaspoonfuls on waking
1. Substitute your normal milk with a glass of Soymilk
2. Eat cooked, hard boiled eggs three times a week.
3. Eat Upma made of cracked wheat (Lapsi)
4. Eat 1 large serving of watermelon, and papayas.
5. Drink 1 glass of red cocktail (juice of 1 carrot, 1 /2 beetroot & 2 tomatoes)

1. Add a salad of sprouts with grated carrots & 1 boiled potato & a dash of lime juice to your lunch 4 times a week
2. Drink 1 glass of unsweetened buttermilk
3. Add Soy Flour to Chapatti Atta
4. Eat grilled/broiled fish 4 times a week
5. Eat Brown Rice/whole grains two to three times a week
6. Make 1 vegetable with either Palak/methi or green peas four times a week

1. Eat a bowl of fresh yoghurt with 2 teaspoons of ground flax seeds
2. Eat a salad of chopped cucumbers and peanuts sprinkled on them
3. Have fresh vegetable soup with multi-grain bread twice a week
4. Add Rajma/whole channa/black-eyed peas to your dal once a week.

– Dr Aparna Santhanam

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