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Livon Hair Gain

If you have noticed any of the
4 signs of Premature^ Hair Loss,
ordinary solutions won’t help, and you
need an expert like Livon hair Gain.

Why is it essential for you to use an advanced formulation? Because of its unique advantages.

Unique benefits of Livon Hair Gain:
  • 01
    Expert formulation using Kopexil
  • 02
    Works on scalp 24 x 7
  • 03
    Fast absorbing formula
  • 04
  • 05
    Pleasant fragrance
  • 06
    side effects
See how Livon hair gain works

Before we understand how Livon Hair Gain works, let’s understand what causes Premature^ Hair Loss.

It happens because of a chemical called DHT or Dihydrotestosterone. Increased levels of DHT cause the hair follicle to harden, preventing blood circulation and supply of nutrients to the hair, which eventually leads to hair fall.

How Livon Hair Gain helps control Premature^ Hair Loss

Livon Hair Gain has Kopexil, which penetrates the roots of your hair and removes the deposits from the hair follicle, restoring blood and nutrient supply and revitalizing the hair follicle

See how Livon hair gain works

Presenting Livon Hair Gain Tonic

With the formulation of Kopexil, Livon Hair Gain helps control Premature Hair Loss.

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How do I apply it?

01.Use our expert applicator to apply the tonic directly on your scalp
02.Ensure that you apply it all over the scalp when you see any of the 4 signs
03.Gently rub the tonic on your scalp using your fingertips
The tonic will get absorbed completely, leaving no residue and will start to work immediately!

For best results:

  • Apply twice, daily; Post bath and before bedtime
  • 5 – 7 ml is the ideal amount per usage but don’t worry if it’s slightly more or less
  • Continue your regimen even after your hair fall stops. You have started to gain control over your hair.
  • Note: For external use only. Keep away from direct sunlight.

How to use Livon Hair Gain

Is it working?

Premature^ Hair Loss requires persistence and can be treated only through sustained usage. Track your progress with Livon Hair Gain and be patient.
Don’t worry if you see an increase in hair fall. This is only temporary and you will see reduction with continued usage of Hair Gain
30-45 days
Hair Gain’s actives are now working on your hair follicle to fight Premature^ Hair Loss but the effect may not be visible enough
You are now seeing increase in hair density and significant reduction in hair fall.
180 days
You are now in control as your hair is significantly denser and your excessive hair fall is under control. Sustained usage is important. Twice daily; post bath and before bedtime.

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Livon Hair Gain Tonic helps fight premature hair loss.

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