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any of these 4 signs? It could be

Premature^ Hair Loss.

And not Hair Fall.

^Premature hair loss term refers to early signs of hair fall

Livon Hair Gain Tonic helps
fight premature hair loss.
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4 Signs of Hair loss
Hair Thinning

This is a condition when the actual thickness of the hair strand begins to reduce.

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Reduced Hair Density

Reduced hair density makes some parts of the scalp easily visible.

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Excessive Hair Fall

Excessive hair fall occurs when you lose more than 100 strands in a day.

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Increased Scalp Visibility

You will start to see your scalp at the top of your head (Vortex) and near your temples.

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Before we understand how Livon Hair Gain works, let’s understand what causes Premature^ Hair Loss.

It happens because of a chemical called DHT or Dihydrotestosterone. Increased levels of DHT cause the hair follicle to harden, preventing blood circulation and supply of nutrients to the hair, which eventually leads to hair fall.

How Livon Hair Gain helps fight Premature^ Hair Loss

Livon Hair Gain has Kopexil, which penetrates the roots of your hair and removes the deposits from the hair follicle, restoring blood and nutrient supply and revitalizing the hair follicle

See how Livon hair gain works

Livon Hair Gain Tonic

With the formulation of Kopexil, Livon Hair Gain helps fight Premature Hair Loss.

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Livon Hair Gain Tonic helps fight premature hair loss.

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